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Mis-Information Kills More People Than Terrorism or Car Accidents. Correct and easy to implement lifestyle changes can make a big difference in our health outcomes. 

Coach Garey Simmons

Born in 1953, Garey Simmons is Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a former overseas missionary to many third world countries. The father of ten children, he practices lifestyle and nutritional coaching in Baltimore, MD. He's written three books on health and motivation and the latest is a #1 best seller, thanks to the amazing team of health coaches he was able to assemble from the 4 corners of the world. "Optimal Health Is Not Complicated."
Inspired Health Journeys
Take charge of your health and live a life of vibrant wellness!
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MEDS Paradigm and the Fifth Element
Garey Simmons shares how the MEDS paradigm and a fifth element, bio energy, can help the body to thrive.

The Essential Six are the Keys to your Genetic Expression
Brian Sanderoff teaches a 12-hour alternative medicine course at Johns Hopkins. This Licensed Holistic Pharmacist is often asked, “Which supplements are really needed?”

Get Out of the Ant Pile
Adaina Watson, an accomplished, Integrative Nutrition health coach shares her personal journey from near death with unexplained, not easily diagnosed symptoms to a complete healing and breakthrough. 

Our Bodies are Speaking, but are We Listening? 
Diana Siepmann shares stories of coaching successes in following through on the clues our bodies give us looking through the lens of functional medicine.

The Cancer Caregivers’ Guide
Suzanne Lentine shares a gripping account of how health coaches and caregivers take on the battle of the most unwanted diagnosis. Her experiences have led her from personal illness to now a full-time health coach!

How To Live Your Best Life Possible!
Sue Lyndes helps us to identify the perfect storm that contributes to chronic illness. Diet and lifestyle changes can transform your health! From couch to coach!

Your Body Wants to Be Healthy
Greg Ashby is a senior researcher and shares his own story of emotional trauma and its effect on health with lessons for all.

Healing the Unhealed Healer
Debbie N. Goldberg shares her extraordinary spiritual journey that took her from a traditional licensed counselor practice steeped in the medical model to Spiritual Mentoring.

Conversations with Caroline
Caroline Silk, a mindset nutritionist, shares a series of conversations that help you implement immediate positive change into your everyday relationship with food and dieting, taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

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  • Fascinating Facts You'll Learn:
  • ​How many times per second does lightening strike the Earth? Why this creates a healthy environment in which to live? (page 48) 
  • ​How many thousands of miles of blood vessels are there in the human body? (page 34) 
  • ​Is the heart solely responsible for blood flow throughout the entire body or is there another force at work? (page 44) 
  • ​What are the most important vitamins and minerals that have all but disappeared from the food supply? (page 67) 
  • ​Why is stress now known to be responsible for so many illnesses? (page 121) 
  • ​How to properly diagnose thyroid disorders? (page 147) 
  • ​What should you do to assist if a friend, loved one or family member is diagnosed with cancer? (page 163) 
  • ​Discover the root causes of ill health (page 195)
  • ​Methodology and resources to win against cancer (page 185)
  • ​Revealed: the flaws of the Standard American Diet (page 224) 
  • ​The How To for creating positive change in body image, mind and overall health (page 285) 
  • ​Why diets don't work! (page 286) 
  • ​The 'Listen to Your Body Checklist' (page 307)
  • ​And so much more!!!
Are you facing obesity? Or are you merely overweight? Do you have friends and former classmates that are showing up in the obit columns? Is diabetes, heart disease or God forbid, cancer stalking you? Do you know what happened to the energy that you once had just a few short years ago? Do you want to regain and reclaim your energy and vitality before it's too late? Read my latest book for free...Learn to take some simple actions steps... before it's too late! I GUARANTEE you'll be happy you do! Please accept my invitation to get my latest book for free!
Disclaimer: Doctors are important members of our society and when it comes to infectious diseases and acute care, we want to have the medical care we need available and affordable when needed. Inspired Health Journeys examines a new paradigm of health care which we call Functional Medicine. Based on the work of Dr. Jeffrey Bland and the seminal work, "Disease Delusion." This new paradigm shows us that optimal health AND chronic disease are mainly comprised of environment, genetics, lifestyle and nutrition. It's Body as Doctor. It's tuning into what your body is saying to you. It opens the door for us to control our outcomes through better choices in how we think, how we eat, the levels of stress we allow into our lives and our resultant outcomes. 
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